May 27, 2024
Special bonus rules that not a lot of people are aware of until it is too late


Eric Montross, the former NBA giant, has two children, Sarah and Andrew, who paint a picture beyond his basketball legacy. 

While they carry the “Montross kids” mantle with pride, their story isn’t one of basketball dynasties, but of family,philanthropy, and the quiet hum of purpose.

Sarah and Andrew have grown up alongside their father’s dedication to the Eric Montross Father’s Day Basketball Camp,a beacon of hope for children at UNC Children’s Hospital. 

What started as a tribute to a young cancer patient, Jason Clark,became a family affair, weaving Sarah and Andrew into its very fabric. From packing camp bags to cheering on campers,they learned empathy and the power of community, witnessing firsthand the impact their father’s camp had on young lives.

But their involvement goes beyond camp duties. In a blog post titled “Born & Bred: The Red Balloon,” Sarah and Andrew paint a poignant picture of their childhood, intertwined with the spirit of giving. 

They recall the annual balloon release at the camp, a symbol of hope and resilience, and the countless hours spent connecting with patients and their families. Each interaction etched a lesson in their hearts, shaping their own values of compassion and dedication.

Today, Sarah and Andrew are carving their own paths. Sarah, a graduate in environmental science, carries the torch of environmental awareness, a passion nurtured by her father’s love for nature. Andrew, with his entrepreneurial spirit, seeks to make a difference in the world, inspired by his father’s leadership and philanthropic zeal.

While they may not follow in their father’s basketball footsteps, Sarah and Andrew embody the true legacy of Eric Montross. They are not just the children of a sports icon, but individuals shaped by family, purpose, and a deep-seated desire to make the world a better place. 

Their story is a testament to the power of family, a reminder that sometimes, the greatest impact lies not in headlines, but in the quiet ripples of kindness and compassion that extend far beyond the court.



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