May 27, 2024


Shiffa Yousafzai video, posted by writer Asad Ali Toor, started a warmed controversy.

In the fast-paced world of media and news coverage, contentions frequently emerge, including fuel to the as of now strongly competition for viewership and credibility.

Recently, Shiffa Yousafzai, a unmistakable anchorperson of Murmur News, found herself at the center of a social media storm. Writer Asad Ali Toor discharged a video addressing her proficient integrity.

The charges extended from misreporting actualities to questions around her affiliations with priests and ISPR authorities.

This article digs into the subtle elements of the discussion, analyzing the claims made by Asad Ali Toor.

Moreover investigate the reaction from media colleagues, and the broader suggestions for news coverage in Pakistan.

Shiffa Yousafzai Video Viral
Shiffa Yousafzai Video Viral

Shiffa Yousafzai Video Viral On Twitter: What Happened?

Shiffa Yousafzai’s video, dismembered by writer Asad Ali Toor, went viral on Twitter.The contention emitted when he posted a video connect on his YouTube channel, ‘Asad Toor Uncensored.’

In the video, Toor raised genuine concerns approximately the validity of Shiffa Yousafzai. She serves as an anchorperson for the Murmur News breakfast appear, Subah Say Agay.

Toor’s video rapidly picked up footing on Twitter.It made a buzz inside the media industry and among the common public.

Toor’s essential center was on the originator of Murmur Organize, Sultana Siddiqui. He charged her of compromising journalistic measures by prioritizing people missing information of current affairs.
He contended that such people simply repost news from other sources without appropriate attribution. It would weaken the quality of news coverage displayed to the group of onlookers



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