May 27, 2024


Arsenal winger Bukayo Saka has teamed up with a charity organization to build a container village for earthquake victims in Morocco.

The 22-year-old has provided funding for the construction of 50 containers to accommodate 255 people in a village in the Taroudant region.

Saka has teamed up with the charity organization, Big Shoes

In early September, about 3,000 people were killed by an earthquake in Morrocco.

Of that number, 42 were from the village Saka is helping. But Saka has partnered with BigShoe to provide accommodation for a bigger number of survivors.

A picture of the containers supplied by Bukayo Saka

He said: “I was shocked when I heard about the terrible earthquake in Morocco.

“But in the moment I knew that I really want to help and we started to look at what we can do to help the displaced families.

“We found a way to help relatively quickly and we were able to put a roof over their head and give them some comfort and hope to those who have lost everything through no fault of their own.

“I hope that the 84 families and, above all, the 89 children in the containers can regain a piece of their everyday lives.”

The containers have an area to sleep, a kitchenette, bathroom and shower as well as electricity.



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