May 27, 2024


The Ghana National Fire Service (GNFS) in the Central Region has asked all its workers on annual leave to resume duty to enhance its operations during this Christmas season. Workers seeking to embark on annual leave have been asked to stay on.

The service explained that the move was to ensure that the service would be able to meet an eventuality as the risk of fire outbreaks increase during the yuletide.

The Central Regional Commander of Ghana National Fire Service(GNFS), ACFOI John Amarlai Amartey announced this to the media  during a press interaction at the regional headquarters of the service

ACFOI Amarlai Amartey enjoined church leaders to not use the exit point of their churches as points of decoration since it will inhibit movement out of the buildings in case of fire outbreaks. 

“Since we are in the Christmas season and social economic activities are on the increase, churches and entertainment activities are on the increase and people are travelling across the country to meet their families and spend Christmas.

So we, as a service, have put measures to ensure the safety of people in the Central region. We are undertaking standby duties at high-risk centres as well as areas including gas and fuel stations. We are keeping an eye on the operations to ensure that they comply with the basic fire safety measures,” ACFOI Amartey said.

He also announced that the service was on the alert and was patrolling hotspots in the region to be able to deal effectively with any fire incidents, urging the general public, especially market women and other traders, to observe basic fire safety standards.



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