May 26, 2024


The lawyer for Shalimar Abbiusi, Francis Xavier Sosu, has stated that her rearrest by the Ghana Immigration Service is an assault and an international disgrace.

According to him, the Immigration Service did not produce any documents to back their claims of revoking her residential permit.

“You came to the court and asked that the charges against the person be dropped. The charges are dropped, the person is discharged, and then you bundle the person. If you want the person in your office, from here we will come to the office.

Last week, when the court said we should be there three times, we were there every single day. So if you knew you were going to do this, what kind of disgrace is this? What kind of international disgrace is this? Are we living in a democracy, or are we living in a jungle?

I’m sincerely disappointed because you, the immigration officers, came here and said that her permit had been revoked. If you have revoked her permit then where is the evidence of revocation? If you had brought it to the court, then you show it to the court so we know you have revoked her permit so you can take her. If you didn’t do that, then you bundle the person as if she’s a common criminal and send her away like that. Why do you behave this way? That was a complete assault and it’s completely uncalled for. Where we are going we are sending the wrong signals,” he told the media.



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