May 27, 2024


Linda Sarsour is a well-known Palestinian-American political activist who has advocated for several social justice causes such as civil rights, racial equality, feminism, and Palestinian rights.

Linda also received a lot of attention for her role in the Women’s March in 2017, where she was one of the co-chairs.

Certain political groups and people have criticized and disagreed with Sarsour’s views on the Israeli-Palestinian issue.

Aside from that, Linda has recently gained media attention after news of her detention went viral on social media.

Is Linda Sarsour Arrested?

Several online stories state that Linda Sarsour was detained on Tuesday for organizing the actual uprising at the Capitol.

She is charged with organizing a gang that used the historic location for an unapproved gathering. Authorities then took over sixty anti-Israel demonstrators into custody.

Online users conjectured that Linda was one of them as a result. In a similar vein, the video has gained widespread popularity on social networking sites like Twitter.

“Raging anti-Semite Linda Sarsour was arrested for leading this actual insurgency at the Capitol today,” read the caption of a video that was released on Twitter.

Verified media outlets had not yet released official news on this subject at the time of writing, but they most likely will in the near future.



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