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After the recent autopsy report revealed that there were no visible injuries, the Kirsten Kluyts rape case has generated a lot of internet controversy.

Teacher Kirsten Kluyts was murdered at George Lea Park in Sandton after being sexually assaulted.

She was a student at Varsity College, age 21. The defendant, a male in his twenties, was accused of killing her and raping her.

The accused, however, maintained his innocence by claiming that he discovered Kluyts’ body after she had passed away.

Nevertheless, a criminal law specialist stressed that a district surgeon was the right person to assess if a sexual assault had taken place.

Following the disclosure of the information and the accused’s bail application, the case proceeded.

Kirsten Kluyts
Kirsten Kluyts

Kirsten Kluyts Rape Case: What Happened To Her

In George Lea Park in Sandton, Kirsten Kluyts, a 21-year-old student at Varsity College and teacher in Johannesburg, met her awful end.

Her death’s mysterious circumstances prompted a criminal investigation into what happened to her.

In relation to her murder, the accused, a guy of 21 years old, was taken into custody.

The state provided evidence in court to support the accusation that the defendant had stalked Kluyts before to her passing.

Contrary to his account of events, his cellphone’s geolocation put him at the park the morning of the incident.

Three days after Kluyts was killed, an autopsy report revealed information that made the case intriguing.

A section of Kirsten Kluyts’ autopsy report was read aloud in court on Tuesday by the defendants in her rape and murder case.

Her vaginal canal, labia, anus, perineal area, and external genitalia did not appear to have any damage, according to the report.

During the court hearings, the accused stressed this point by reading from the autopsy report.

But criminal law expert Advocate Mannie Witz issued a warning, saying that it was not clear from the evidence if Kluyts had been raped.

According to Witz, a district surgeon must examine the patient inside in order to ascertain whether penetration has occurred.

Only that Kluyts was 14 weeks pregnant and that she died from blunt force trauma to the head is given in the 11 pages of the autopsy report.

With new information coming to light and questions remaining about what really happened before Kirsten Kluyts’ terrible demise, the case remained complicated.

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