May 27, 2024


The viral video of Sameer Kazi Beed has sparked controversy and prompted inquiries as well as legal actions.

A controversial incident involving Sameer, a teacher at Milliya Secondary School in Maharashtra’s Beed district, has surfaced.

Three female teachers from the same school and Sameer are featured in obscene MMS videos that are at the heart of the dispute.

These movies ended up in adult private messaging groups that weren’t permitted.

It became widely circulated and raised concerns about the unauthorised dissemination of this kind of material.

Sameer Kazi Beed Viral Video
Sameer Kazi Beed Viral Video

Sameer Kazi Beed Viral Video On Telegram

On Telegram, the graphic video featuring Sameer Kazi Beed gained a lot of popularity.

The contentious movies in private messaging groups featured a variety of taglines because of the variances in how Sameer’s name is pronounced. Amer, Qazi, and Aamer were misspelled.

Discussions about the graphic MMS videos that showed Sameer with three female teachers surfaced on a number of forums.

There was no one social media platform where the videos could only be found. They managed to get into pornographic private message groups on Telegram and other unapproved platforms in the interim.

After the principal of the school filed a complaint, the story took a legal turn. This resulted in Sameer being the target of a police FIR.

The seriousness of the problem is highlighted by the allegations, which include violations of the IT Act and sections 292(2), 294, and 500 of the IPC. Officers conducted a hunt after Sameer, who is presently at large.

The extent of Sameer’s relationships with other women is the main focus of the inquiry.



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