May 27, 2024


Radio personality Abeiku Santana says the #playghana agenda does not make sense.

He says there must be a clear-cut strategy to promote Ghanaian songs, which should not include avoiding songs from other countries.

Abeiku Santana believes that if Ghanaians are stuck to just promoting their songs, other countries can also decide to do the same, meaning that Ghanaian artistes cannot break boundaries.

“If you ask me which Nigerian artiste is my favourite, I will mention the names of Ghanaian artistes any day, any time. My Ghanaian artiste comes over any other artiste and that is not to say that we should not play songs from Nigerians.

I’m afraid I have to disagree with that. I like Ghanaian songs but I don’t play them out of interest. I play the music that the listeners want. So I want us to clarify that if we want to grow Ghanaian music, that doesn’t mean we should focus on only playing songs by Ghanaians 80%, 90%, or 99%.

When we do that, when other countries hear this, they will also not allow Ghanaian music into their systems, so then how do we go international? I don’t want to go into that controversy, but it doesn’t really make sense,” he said on OKAY FM.



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