May 27, 2024


Solomon Bitian Damtar, a distinguished chartered accountant and private legal practitioner has been elected assemblyman of the Tomoni Electoral Area in the Bunkpurugu-Nakpanduri District of the North East Region.

Solomon Bitian Damtar’s election as an assembly member is particularly praiseworthy and peculiar given the low interest in local government elections thus assembly member and unit committee member elections.

While there is always much jostling and competition for parliamentary elections by the elite, to which Mr Damtar by his achievements belong, district assembly elections witness much less commitment and enthusiasm, and are usually treated with kid gloves with depressing low voter turnouts.

But for Mr Damtar, serving his people as an assembly member is a great honour and privilege. His expertise, connection and whatever positive thing he can leverage on to serve his people will not be ‘spared’.

Mr Damtar’s background – a typical grass-to-grace story – will come in handy in how he carries out his mandate as the people’s representative at the local governance level.

“Congratulations SB Damtar , the Assembly member elected for Tomoni Electoral area. Until we begin to have quality representation at the local level, we cannot have the development we all want. I charge you to demand the fair share of the district at the assembly meetings,” Dr Kansuk Stephen Sabunam, who hails from the district.

Solomon Bitian Damtar has over a decade of experience working in the finance and project management sectors.



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