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On December 20, 2023, Franco Cozzo passed away. He was a well-known and recognizable furniture vendor in Melbourne, Australia, who was of Italian and Australian descent.

Cozzo, who was born on October 2, 1936, in Italy, moved to Australia during the 1950s. He became well-known in Melbourne thanks to his unique aesthetic and catchy commercials.

Cozzo gradually made a name for himself in the furniture industry thanks to his landmark furniture stores, which were known for their distinctive designs.

Who Is Luigi Cozzo, Franco Cozzo Son?

Franco Cozzo’s son Luigi Cozzo rose to prominence in the 1990s after being found guilty of cocaine trafficking.

Luigi concealed drugs in his father’s furniture shipments in order to import them. For a period, this information even caused a backlash against Franco’s company.

Growing up, Cozzo lived in Sicily, where his father was a horse dealer. At twelve, tragedy struck when his younger sister died after a heart attack.

Door-to-door salesman Cozzo started his voyage to Australia in January 1956.

Overcoming linguistic obstacles, he adjusted by recognizing the residences of fellow Greeks, Italians, and members of other ethnic groups.

This was particularly important because Australia had loosened its post-World War II White Australia policy, which had limited immigration from countries other than the British Isles.

Luigi Cozzo: Wikipedia Age And Arrest Charge

Luigi Cozzo, unlike his father, has not revealed his age online and does not have a Wikipedia page.

In 1992, the son of Franco Cozzo was arrested and charged with drug trafficking, putting him in legal hot water.

Luigi Cozzo, also referred to as “Lou,” was implicated in drug importation by hiding cocaine in shipments of furniture that his father made.



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