May 27, 2024


Reginald Yaw Asante Osei popularly known in the music circles as Reggie Rockstone has recounted the challenges involved in being an entrepreneur.

According to the founder of Hiplife in Ghana, he regularly changes his workers at ‘RockzWaakye’ like his boxers because of stealing and laziness.

Speaking on Property FM in Cape Coast, he said “It’s not been easy since I started operating my own company and the workers are very lazy whilst some are also thieves.

“As for stealing it’s so enormous that’s why we regularly change the workers quite often like my boxers and you have to always keep an eye on them.

“In fact we have to be careful about the youth of Ghana because they all want to achieve something very fast and after employing them they steal from me.

“They are so corrupt in all their endeavours and these are the same people who will grow and end up as a politician in future,” he told Amansan Krakye monitored by



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