May 27, 2024


Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta wants the club to “look after fans” following the decision to reject any involvement in the revised European Super League proposal.

Arsenal were one of 12 clubs who joined the original ESL plan in 2021.

On Thursday the European Court of Justice ruled that UEFA and FIFA had no authority to ban clubs from joining the ESL or any other separatist competition.

The ruling ended a 22-month dispute between A-22 Sports who took the matter to court, and FIFA and UEFA.An initial report released last December by the ECJ said the rules of football’s European and world governing bodies were “compatible with EU competition law”.

The report said that when new competitions are “potentially entering the market” Fifa and Uefa must ensure their powers are “transparent, objective, non-discriminatory and proportionate”.

The report adds: “However, the powers of Fifa and Uefa are not subject to any such criteria. Fifa and Uefa are, therefore, abusing a dominant position.”

“Moreover, given their arbitrary nature, their rules on approval, control and sanctions must be held to be unjustified restrictions on the freedom to provide services.”

“That does not mean that a competition such as the Super League project must necessarily be approved. The Court does not rule on that specific project in its judgment.”

After the ruling, the Premier League clubs who originally signed up for the project released separate statements announcing their “position has not changed” on the ESL and confirming their commitment to Uefa competition.

“Football supporters and the passion they bring to games is the reason this game belongs to them,” said Arteta.

“Their opinion is very important and we have to look after them,” he added.

“We remain in the same position and we love playing in the Champions League and will continue to do so,” said Arteta.

“The conversations [with the owners] that we had were very clear after what happened two years ago. I think the club has issued a statement that is very clear and transparent. We’ll stick to that.”



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