May 27, 2024


Founder of Hiplife, Reggie Rockstone has reiterated the need for Ghana to institute a music policy to ensure massive airplay of our songs.

The ‘Sweetie Sweetie’ hitmaker on Property FM in Cape Coast that Nigeria and South Africa are way ahead of us because they implemented their music policies.

He posited “If everything was moving on smoothly there wouldn’t be the need for us to start this play Ghana agenda in the first place.

“You’ve been playing Ghanaian songs but we can do more than that and right now everywhere in the world people hail what belongs to them.

“We started this whole movement in Ghana and the Nigerians observed what we were doing and copied us and added theirs to it,” he opined as sighted.

“They even added a policy to it that they should play Nigerian songs a certain percentage and today look at where they’ve gotten to.

“South Africa also did the same for Amapiano and Kwaito by adding a policy to it so this is common sense and so you look at your home and put things in the right perspective”.



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