May 26, 2024


Ghanaian Rapper, Okyeame Kwame is of the view that the current crop of musicians can’t label their songs as Hiplife else it may affect their gains.

He says that because these artistes belong to the new school where songs are sold online through streams, labelling your song as hiplife will be detrimental to the progress of the artiste.

However, he is of the view that all songs produced currently are hiplife songs.

“The songs being produced now are hiplife. When you listen to the beat, you’ll know that it is a fusion of hip-hop and high-life. However, if they name it hiplife, it will take a toll on them financially.

Our generation calls it hiplife, but the younger ones do not call it hiplife. There will be a need for us to solve that problem,” he said on OKAY FM in Accra.



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