May 27, 2024


Founding President of the IMANI Centre for Policy and Education (Imani Africa), Franklin Cudjoe has said that, far from the claim by the Electoral Commission (EC) of Ghana that it experienced technical challenges during the conduct of the district-level elections, the EC engaged in a deliberate failure to live up to expectation and carry out its mandate to the letter.

Mr Cudjoe stressed that the issues that plagued the 2023 conduct of the district-level elections cannot be described as mere technical challenges as claimed by the EC given their nature and scale, adding that the EC engaged in a blatant disregard of due electoral processes.

“This whole conversation about technical issues for the lapse the EC had cannot be true. You see if they are saying that someone’s name was misspelt or something on the ballot, maybe yes.

You can’t tell me that 12 hours or 6 hours to the elections, you didn’t know that you didn’t have all the accoutrement. These are not technical issues. They are just blatant disregard for the processes; it should have been ready two weeks earlier,” Mr Cudjoe said on Citi TV’s current affairs programme, the Big Issue.

There were delays in the deployment of voting materials to some parts of the country; late start of voting; clerical errors in voter registers; and several other challenges as the EC conducted the district-level elections last Tuesday.

Mr Cudjoe believes that the EC, which has been unwilling to engage all stakeholders before such important exercises, willfully failed to do its work efficiently and effectively, leading to the avoidable challenges experienced.



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