May 27, 2024


Franklin Cudjoe of IMANI Africa has hailed the Agric Minister, Bryan Acheampong over the reduction of food prices.

He believes that Bryan Acheampong is working hard to make the lives of the Ghanaian people better and needs to be commended.

In a post shared via his Facebook page, he said “

Parliament on Friday night approved 5 more taxes to help Nana Addo’s Big Daddy state splash out big time in 2024-an election year- inflicting more economic pain.

A raft of unclear tax exemptions too were approved with the exception of exemption on agricultural inputs, which makes sense seeing as food inflation is still high. A reduction in food inflation will see overall inflation reduced to manageable limits by mid-2024.

I am hopeful the current Agric Minister will rely on his precocious security background to ensure fertilizers do not end up on donkeys carted away to Togo and Burkina as happened under his predecessor.

So, yes, 5 more taxes to note coming into force on January 1, 2024. You see as the famous American Lawyer, Politician and Newspaper editor Gideon Tucker once said, “No man’s life, liberty or property are safe while the Legislature is in session.” And Ghana’s Parliament deciďed to impose these taxes at night, so spend wisely this Christmas.

Merry Christmas”.

Adding that “From my previous post- As proof that targeting food inflation leads to an overall reduction in general inflation, food inflation has dropped from 55% in July to 32% in November, a 23% reduction. Consequently the farmgate price of a 50kg bag of maize has reduced from GHS 350.00 last year to about GHS150 this year. Prices of locally priduced rice are gradually being reduced. General inflation which reached a staggering height of 54% last year is now 26%. Looks like the new Agric Minister has been busy and deserves some accolades. We really need to continue on this path to redemption. Hopefully all the gains from our self-inflicted harm will not be reversed by the sprawling new taxes and election year spending”.



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