May 26, 2024


The regular championship of the National Basketball Association began in October of this year and will end in April 2024. The tournament is attended by 30 teams, divided into 15 Western and Eastern Conferences. In total, each team will play 82 matches in the regular season and at its end, the first six teams from the West and East will advance to the quarterfinals of the playoffs, and the clubs from seventh to 10th place will play in the 1/8.

According to bookmakers, the four main contenders to win the NBA include the following teams: Boston, Denver, Milwaukee and Phoenix. By examining the current form of these opposing sides, future championship ring winners can be more likely to be identified. If you want to earn a lot of money by betting on the strongest basketball league in the world, then we recommend downloading the mostbet app for this.


Joe Mazzulla’s boys look extremely confident in the current regular championship. After 22 matches played, Boston led the Eastern Conference. With one game less, the Massachusetts representatives were one win ahead of Orlando and Milwaukee. Having won 17 victories, the “green-black-gold-brown-beige-white” suffered five defeats from Minnesota, Philadelphia, Charlotte, Orlando and Indiana. Moreover, all losses were away.

The Celts retained their core five, which successfully included Latvian center Kristaps Porzingis, who transferred from Washington. In terms of gameplay, Jason Tayutme and company look confident and, if the club from Massachusetts continues in the same spirit in the playoffs, then Boston will have a good chance of winning the tournament.


Michael Malone’s boys are the current NBA champions and will defend the title this season. During the first quarter of the regular championship, the Colorado club did not look very stable, but was in fourth place in the East after 25 games. Having suffered nine defeats, Denver won 16 victories. Considering that the “nuggets” are not stable, the team will have to make considerable efforts to remain in the top six. At the same time, Nikola Jokic and his partners should be able to get into the elimination battles with a high probability.

“Nuggets” retained the championship roster and the team shouldn’t have any problems in terms of teamwork. On the other hand, all teams now have a more serious lineup and Nikola Jokic and his partners have to make extra efforts to win. The dark blue-gold-red-blue team can improve, but it will be extremely difficult to repeat the achievements of last season.


Adrian Griffin’s team is performing quite well in the current regular season. After 23 matches played, the team from Wisconsin was third in the East. Second Orlando Milwaukee was inferior in additional indicators, and fourth Philadelphia was one victory ahead, but had more matches played. Having suffered seven defeats, the “deer” won 16 victories. At the same time, most of the Bucks’ defeats were away.

After the end of the first quarter of the regular championship, Milwaukee had the strongest attack in the Eastern Conference. On average, the “deers” scored a little more than 122 points within 48 minutes of playing time. Giannis Antetokounmpo confidently leads the team, but it will be difficult for the Bucks to perform as powerfully as in 2021. Still, the competition this season is extremely serious.


Frank Vogel’s team is extremely unstable in the Western Conference. After 23 matches, Phoenix was in eighth place in the standings, although it was only one win behind the top six. Having suffered 10 defeats, the “Sunny” won 13 victories. It should also be noted that Robert Sarver’s brainchild did not perform well under his ring. On average, Arizona allowed 113 points per game. But the attack of Devin Booker and his partners was one of the strongest in the top 10.

The “Sunny” squad is competitive, but the team has problems with teamwork. In addition, one of the leaders of Phoenix’s attacks, Kevin Durant, is often injured and cannot strengthen the team’s offense. Based on the results of the team from Arizona, Devin Booker and his partners will be able to reach the elimination battles, but it will be extremely difficult to reach at least the conference finals.

Our forecast

Phoenix and Milwaukee are unlikely to have their sights set on the trophy. The maximum for these teams will be reaching the finals of their conference. Most likely, Boston and Denver will compete for the National Basketball Association championship title. Based on the results of the regular season, the club from Massachusetts looks preferable. However, something always stands in the way of the Celts, and if the representatives of Colorado begin to improve, they will be able to get rings for the second year in a row. It’s a risky, but quite logical assumption that the “nuggets” will win the playoffs.



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