May 27, 2024


The regular season of the elite German basketball championship started at the end of September this year, and this part of the tournament will end in May 2024. There are 18 clubs participating in the competition, which will play each other twice and will play 34 rounds in total. The first eight teams in the standings at the end of the regular championship will advance to the playoffs, and the teams that took 17th and 18th place will be relegated to the division below.

According to bookmakers, the top three contenders for the BBL league championship include the following teams: Bayern Munich, Alba Berlin and Ratiopharm Ulm. By studying the form of these clubs in detail during the current season, you will be more likely to predict who will lift the trophy this season.


Pablo Lazo’s boys are not performing very consistently on the domestic scene this season. After nine matches played, the Munich club was in sixth place in the standings. Alba from Berlin, fifth, Bayern was behind on additional indicators, and sixth Hamburg and eighth Vechta were one win ahead and had a game in hand. Having suffered three defeats from Oldenburg, Braunschweig and Bonn on the road, the “red-whites” won six victories. On their home court, the Bavarians look confident, but on the road, the brainchild of Herbert Hainer needs to improve.

The Bavarians have won the BBL league five times in the club’s history, but the last time they did so was in the 2018/2019 season. Since then, the Munich club has not had much success, but under the leadership of an experienced Spanish coach, who coached Real Madrid for 11 years, Vladimir Lucic and his partners have a chance for gold.

Alba Berlin

Israel Gonzalez’s team is not stable in the current regular championship. Moreover, after nine matches played, Alba from Berlin was in fifth place. The capital club was ahead of sixth Bayern in terms of additional indicators, and was one victory behind fourth Ludwigsburg and third Bonn, but had a match less. Having won six times, the Albatrosses lost three times to Ulm, Sintainix MBK and Ludwigsburg. In the Euroleague, the “yellow-blue-blue” are one of the outsiders, so the Berliners can focus on the domestic arena.

Alba Berlin is the most awarded basketball club in Germany. From the 2019/2020 to 2021/2022 season, the “albatross” won the championship three times in a row. Moreover, last season the Berlin team failed to reach the final. Having worked on their mistakes, the “yellow-blue-blue” will try to once again aim for gold medals, although the competition in the BBL league is very serious. If you love betting on basketball and casino games, and want to earn money from them, then we recommend doing it at mostbet kazino.

Ratiopharm Ulm

Anton Gafel’s boys made a sensation last season of the German Basketball Championship, winning the first championship in the club’s history. In the current BBL league, Ratiopharm from Ulm also looks very confident. After 10 matches held in the regular season, the “black-white-orange” are in second place in the standings. One victory behind first Chemnitz, the Sparrows were just as far ahead of third Bonn and fourth Ludwigsburg. Having won eight battles, Karim Yallov and his partners lost only to Ludwigsburg and Rostock.

Ratiopharm Ulm has a relatively good selection of players and for the new season the team signed Americans Trevion Williams, LJ Figueroa and Matias Dakota. The first two played in the G-League last year, and the third played four minutes for Minnesota in the strongest basketball league in the world and played just under two dozen matches in the Spanish AKB League. Of the first five who won gold, only Karim Yallov and Thomas Kleipes remained. In the regular season, the “black-white-orange” perform well, but it is difficult to predict whether the “sparrows” will have enough teamwork in the relegation battles.

Our forecast

The Sparrows performed brilliantly in the last German Championship, but Ratiopharm Ulm is unlikely to succeed for the second time in a row. Firstly, many important players have left the team, and secondly, all opponents will now take the “black-white-orange” more seriously. With a high probability, the fight for the trophy will take place between Bayern Munich and Alba from Berlin. Most likely, thanks to the experience of Pablo Laso, the “red-whites” from Munich will be able to win the sixth set of gold medals in the club’s history.



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