May 26, 2024


Ghanaian singer, Prince Bright has responded to the alleged news that Black Sherif has been blacklisted in Nigeria for his role in the PlayGhana initiative.

During an interview with Amansan Krakye on Property FM’s Ayekoo Drive, he said there’s nothing bad about Black Sherif’s play Ghana speech which should call for blacklisting.

The former member of BukBak responded”I think that I saw Black Sherif’s speech and he said that he won’t do any blame games so we should play fair and so I don’t know whether he said something there or somewhere else.

“But what I saw on the internet when he came to address the public was that he didn’t even keep long there so if he said something bad then let’s pardon him but he said we should play fair.

“Unfortunately if our brothers from Nigeria have taken the play Ghana initiative in a negative perspective then we will plead with them that this is not what we were expecting.

“But they also said at a point that they will play more of their music in their country and if we have also decided the same then we will plead that it should be fair to us all,” he continued as monitored.

“But if Black Sherif didn’t explain himself well for them to be convinced then that one I haven’t heard it but what he came to address is that he won’t blame anyone but for all of us to eat in a common ground”.



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