April 24, 2024


AquaBolg’s CEO, Humu Khrusum Tahiru, has stepped into the spotlight again, this time with a generous donation to Failatu Abdul Razak’s ambitious attempt to break the Guinness World Records with a Cook-A-Thon.

Mrs.Tahiru’s contribution includes dozens bags of Aquabolg water, Ghc,1000 cash, and branded vacuum flasks, creating a synergy of resources to support the record-breaking endeavor.

The bags of water symbolize AquaBolg’s commitment to hydration and sustainability, ensuring participants stay refreshed during the intense Cook-A-Thon.

Tahiru’s and her team’s inclusion of cash injects financial support into the event, recognizing the effort and dedication required for such a remarkable feat.

The branded vacuum flasks not only serve a practical purpose but also showcase AquaBolg’s commitment to innovation and quality.

This strategic donation not only aligns with AquaBolg’s core values but also elevates the Cook-A-Thon to new heights.

Tahiru’s support goes beyond traditional sponsorship, illustrating a genuine investment in community initiatives.

As Failatu strives to make history, AquaBolg’s CEO has positioned the company as a key partner, demonstrating a shared commitment to pushing boundaries and achieving extraordinary milestones in both innovation and philanthropy.



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