April 24, 2024


Diana Nyad’s life has been a whirlwind of epic swims, boundless determination, and public fascination.

However, her personal life, particularly her romantic relationships, has often remained shrouded in relative mystery.

While the media may be quick to focus on her solo feats, understanding her journey also requires acknowledging the support systems that fueled her extraordinary achievements.

Diana Nyad Husband
Diana Nyad Husband

Who Is Bart Springtime?

Nyad’s marital history is somewhat complicated, and information about her first husband, Bart Springtime, is understandably scarce.

Public records offer little beyond his name, leaving space for speculation and whispered rumors.

Some sources suggest their marriage occurred in the early 1960s, potentially during her years as a competitive swimmer. Others claim it was a brief dalliance that dissolved before Nyad reached international acclaim. Regardless of the specifics, the details remain elusive, with both Nyad and Springtime maintaining privacy on the matter.

What is known is that Springtime never appeared publicly alongside Nyad during her rise to fame. As she conquered marathon swims throughout the 1960s and 70s, and later pursued her audacious dream of swimming from Cuba to Florida, Springtime remained unseen and unheard.

It is unclear if he played a significant role in supporting her endeavors, though some speculate that their paths diverged before her most celebrated achievements.

In the late 1970s, Nyad’s personal life took a pivotal turn when she met Bonnie Stoll, a fellow swimmer and coach. Their connection went beyond the pool, blossoming into a deep and profound love that transcended conventional labels. Nyad, who had previously identified as heterosexual, publicly came out as gay in 2002, acknowledging the lasting impact of Stoll on her life.

With Stoll by her side, Nyad reignited her quest for the Cuba-Florida swim. Stoll became her unwavering champion, acting as her coach, confidante, and fiercest supporter. Throughout Nyad’s five attempts at the daunting feat, Stoll was a constant presence, offering strategic guidance, emotional solace, and unwavering belief. Ultimately, when Nyad triumphantly emerged from the waters in 2013, at the age of 64, Stoll’s joyous embrace captured the essence of their shared journey.

While Springtime may be a whisper in Nyad’s past, Stoll’s influence is undeniable. Their partnership defied societal expectations, demonstrating the unwavering strength and importance of love in its many forms.

Stoll helped Nyad not only conquer physical challenges but also embrace her authentic self, adding a layer of personal triumph to her public exploits.

Ultimately, focusing solely on the identity of Nyad’s past husband offers limited insight into her life and motivations. Instead, understanding the unwavering support provided by figures like Stoll paints a more nuanced picture of the human stories that fueled her legendary feats.

Whether it was through the early support of Springtime, or the profound partnership with Stoll, recognizing the presence of love and companionship allows us to see Nyad not just as a solo force of nature, but as a woman fueled by the strength of human connection.



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