April 22, 2024


Sir Roy Yorke Calne was a famous British surgeon who revolutionized the field of organ transplantation.

He made groundbreaking contributions that saved countless lives and paved the way for modern transplant medicine.

Here’s a snapshot of his achievements:

Pioneer in immunosuppression: His research and innovations in immunosuppressant drugs helped overcome the body’s natural rejection of transplanted organs, making successful transplants possible.

Firsts in transplantation: Calne performed Europe’s first liver transplant in 1968, and together with John Wallwork, achieved the world’s first combined liver, heart, and lung transplant in 1987.

He also led the way in pioneering intestinal and multi-organ cluster transplants.

Roy Yorke Calne died from Congestive heart failure. He was 93 years old when he died on January 6th, 2034.

Roy Yorke Calne
Roy Yorke Calne

Was Roy Yorke Calne Married?

Per reports, Roy Yorke Calne was married to Patsy (Patricia) Whelan. Not much is known about her.



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