April 24, 2024


Legal practitioner Edudzi Tamakloe has indicated that organizers of the convention put together by the New Force were not upfront with the truth.

He says they booked the place for an event only for it to turn out to be a political movement led by Nana Kwame Bediako.

Edudzi Tamakoe, however, believes that regardless of what happened, there was no need for the government to cancel the convention.

“Ordinarily, in this matter, I want to look at it from a different angle. First of all, the conversation that the particular area is a state property, there is no doubt about it. I want to believe that is why even the organizers felt it was important to write to government officials for permission to use the place.

I understand Palgrade to say that the reason for the request was a concert, and then later they realized that there was a political undertone in the conversation. You’ll say maybe they didn’t disclose the full matter. There is a certain level of apprehension among government officials.

It looks like the president himself is paranoid. Just in July, Prof. Lumumba was in this country for Prof. Mills’ memorial lectures at KNUST, and there was no problem. Peter Obi, a one-time Vice Presidential nominee for the PDP, subsequently became the Labour Party candidate, arguably a fine gentleman. Julius Malema: I like what he does in the South African Parliament, so I’m always glued to the South African Parliament. These are harmless individuals, so even for the sake of argument assuming the original reason they gave, it has turned out that they were up to something different.

I mean, what was it for? A government and a president who is in control of the affairs of this state should not be panicking. Coming from Akufo-Addo even makes it a bit more interesting. When he was in opposition was he not the one who brought the South Afican mercenaries into Ghana? Was he not the one who brought Serbian mercenaries to teach NPP how to assault the pillars of power? Is it not curious that these people who brought mercenaries using a private security owned by McDan today a speech conversation where people will come and deliver speeches you’re scared,” he said on TV3.



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