April 24, 2024


Musician Sonnie Badu has asked the son of Archbishop Duncan-Williams, Daniel Duncan Williams to end fooling on social media.

Sonnie Badu insists that God is going to use Daniel Duncan-Williams to do great things and so it will be imperative that he ends his nonsense.

Sonnie Badu made this post on Facebook after Daniel shared his intimate moments on his X account.

Sonnie Badu used the opportunity to advise Daniel to stay off social media and ensure that he is well and come back stronger adding that he should ensure that he protects the legacy of his father.

He said “Hey Daniel, (Gyai gyimie no) my Twitter has been buzzing all day. “Is this not the one you said God will use?” Yes, I still stand by my Word, however, remember one day you will have children and congregation, and you will have to explain this to them … Take time off social media, fix yourself and come back stronger… GOD WILL USE YOU ONE DAY … Protect the legacy of your father don’t destroy it … Long live the Ducan William legacy. Next time your page will be reported ..”



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