April 22, 2024


Gabriel Attal is a French politician.

Gabriel Attal belongs to the Renaissance Party.

Gabriel Attal is currently serving as the Prime Minister of France, a position he has held since January 9, 2024.

Gabriel Attal is said to be the youngest gay prime minister in the history of France.

Gabriel Attal was born on March 16, 1989. He was born in Clamart, France.

Wikipedia indicates that his father, Yves Attal, was a lawyer and film producer of half-Tunisian Jewish descent (on the paternal side) and half-Alsatian Jewish descent (on the maternal side). Attal’s mother, Marie de Couriss, was of French and Greek-Russian ancestry and worked as an employee of a film production company.

Gabriel Attal Siblings: Does Gabriel Attal Have a brother?

Gabriel Attal has three other siblings. Contrary to reports, the prime minister does not have a brother. He grew up with his three younger sisters. There is, however, no public information on who his sisters are.



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