April 22, 2024


On January 9, 2024, Gabriel Attal ascended to the position of prime minister, succeeding Élisabeth Borne, who stepped down after a tenure of 20 months.

Before this appointment, Attal had served as the education minister.

His close association with President Emmanuel Macron is evident, with many viewing him as a protégé and trusted ally of Macron, who, notably, became France’s youngest president upon assuming office in 2017.

In another groundbreaking stride, Attal holds the distinction of being France’s first openly gay prime minister.

Is Gabriel Attal Macron?

Gabriel Attal is not Macron but has been nicknamed after he was appointed as the youngest prime minister of France.

He has often been compared to Macron, both for his youth and his centrist politics. He was one of the first politicians to join Macron’s En Marche movement in 2016, after leaving the Socialist Party.

Gabriel Attal Family: Ethnicity and Origine

Gabriel Attal’s lineage paints a tapestry of diversity and multiculturalism. His father, David Attal, a Jewish dentist, journeyed from Morocco to France during the 1960s, seeking new horizons.



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