April 22, 2024


Robert Henry Katz, a name forever entwined with Barbara Walters, was a man shrouded in quietude.

A former Navy lieutenant and successful business executive, he met Walters at a pivotal point in her life – before her meteoric rise in journalism. Their brief union, a mere 11 months in 1955-57, was a whirlwind of contradictions.

Katz, nicknamed “Katz Hats” by Walters, stemmed from a family owning a children’s bonnet company. While his background offered stability, it clashed with Walters’ burgeoning ambition.

He lacked the intellectual spark she craved, and their personalities rarely meshed. Yet, their marriage was a product of societal pressures, fueled by Walter’s father’s insistence and the already-booked Plaza Hotel ballroom.

Adan Canto
Adan Canto

Despite the brevity, their union left its mark. Katz’s alleged physical abuse led to the annulment, casting a shadow on Walters’ subsequent relationships. He retreated further into the shadows, leaving behind a whisper of a man who couldn’t hold the spotlight that Walters craved.

In the end, Robert Henry Katz became a footnote in Walters’ remarkable story, a reminder of a path not taken, a chapter quickly closed but forever etched in her life.



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