April 24, 2024


Former President of Ghana, John Dramani Mahama, says he is worried about the mess he will inherit after he is sworn in on January 7, 2025.

He says that even though he is thinking about his campaign and how to win the election, his major worry is the mess the current government has plunged the country into.

John Mahama says it will take the collective effort of the people of Ghana to pick the pieces together.

“I’m thinking of the campaign, I’m thinking of the election, and I’m thinking of January 8, 2025. The day after we have sworn in. I’m thinking about the mess we are going to inherit. We are inheriting a very difficult situation, and it will take all of us to stand together and let Ghanaians understand the mess…

I’m telling you that what you’ve seen today is not what it is. The day after they leave this office, you’ll see the real mess in which this country is. Today, Dumsor, they are kicking it. They want to kick it and hand the trouble over to somebody else and yet we resolved it before they came into office.

Today they’ve put a value-added tax on electricity bills. COVID levy, NHIL Levy, GETFUND Levy, all on electricity bills, and so that is going to send the cost of electricity bills up. Already there was a 29% increase; there was a 19% increase; then they tried to fool us with a 4% decrease, and now it’s going up astronomically. It is making Ghana a very difficult place to do business. All business people are complaining,” he said.

He further indicated that “because of the mismanagement of the President, his cousin and the Vice President it has plunged all of us into a difficult situation because they have pledged with the IMF to raise much revenue as they can,” he said while addressing party faithful.



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