We won’t sleep until Jean Mensah declares NDC as winners of election 2024



Former President of Ghana, John Dramani Mahama, says the NDC will not sleep until Jean Mensah declares the National Democratic Congress as the winner of the 2024 elections.

He said while speaking in Dzodze of the Ketu North constituency that this is the time for the needed change the people of Ghana have been clamouring for and nothing can stop that.

To him, the NDC owes it a duty to the people of Ghana to wrestle power and save the country hence they will continue to hold Jean Mensah to account.

“We will not sleep until Madam Jean Mensah has the unpleasant duty of naming the NDC as the winners of the 2024 elections, and by the grace of God (Insha Allah) whether the electoral officers like it or not, they will declare the NDC winners.”

It could be remembered that the Vice President while speaking on December 31, 2023 said it will be imperative that losers of elections in Ghana will resort the courts.

Addressing this, John Dramani Mahama disclosed that he will not go to court because he is rest assured he will be declared the winner of the 2024 elections.

“Somebody says if anybody loses, they should go to the Supreme Court, I’m not going to the Supreme Court because I’m not going to lose, maybe that person will rather go to court.

“Elections are going to be decided at the polling station, and the coalition center. That is where NDC is going to win. We won’t go to the Supreme Court again because we will not get justice there.”



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