April 24, 2024


From the frigid grips of Detroit to the sun-kissed shores of LA, Matthew Stafford’s arm has flung pigskins like rockets across gridirons.

Drafted number one, a golden mantle draped on his broad shoulders, he arrived in the Motor City a beacon of hope, a franchise savior.

Yet, success in Detroit proved elusive, a playoff mirage shimmering just beyond reach. Each year, Stafford’s cannon unleashed a torrent of yards, statistics his canvas, yet championships remained a distant dream.

Then, in a trade that reverberated like a seismic tremor, Stafford crossed the country, his destiny intertwined with the glitz and glamour of Los Angeles.

There, with a reinvigorated spirit and a supporting cast hungry for glory, the magic finally materialized.

Stafford, the gunslinger unleashed, carved defenses with laser throws, his swagger swaggering a little harder under the California sun.

Matthew Stafford
Matthew Stafford

How Tall Is Matthew Stafford?

Matthew Stafford stands at a height of 6 feet 3 inches or 1.9 m.

Matthew Stafford Weight

Matthew Stafford weighs approximately 105 kg.



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