Meet Chandler Sawyer, Hunter Hope and Tyler Hall Stafford



From the frigid grips of Detroit to the sun-kissed shores of LA, Matthew Stafford’s arm has flung pigskins like rockets across gridirons.

Drafted number one, a golden mantle draped on his broad shoulders, he arrived in the Motor City a beacon of hope, a franchise savior.

Yet, success in Detroit proved elusive, a playoff mirage shimmering just beyond reach. Each year, Stafford’s cannon unleashed a torrent of yards, statistics his canvas, yet championships remained a distant dream.

Then, in a trade that reverberated like a seismic tremor, Stafford crossed the country, his destiny intertwined with the glitz and glamour of Los Angeles.

There, with a reinvigorated spirit and a supporting cast hungry for glory, the magic finally materialized.

Stafford, the gunslinger unleashed, carved defenses with laser throws, his swagger swaggering a little harder under the California sun.

Matthew Stafford children
Matthew Stafford children

Meet Chandler Sawyer, Hunter Hope and Tyler Hall Stafford

Matthew Stafford and his wife Kelly have four adorable daughters:

Twins Chandler and Sawyer: Born in March 2017, these energetic six-year-olds are often spotted sporting matching outfits and bringing double the fun to the Stafford household. They’re already showing signs of inheriting their dad’s athleticism, participating in gymnastics and dance.

Hunter Hope: Arriving in August 2018, Hunter, now at the age of five, is known for her infectious laugh and creative spirit. She loves drawing, writing stories, and making everyone around her smile.

Tyler Hall: The youngest of the bunch, Tyler was born in June 2020 and is currently three years old. With her bright eyes and playful personality, she keeps her parents and sisters on their toes. She’s still discovering her interests but enjoys music, cuddling, and spending time with her family.

The Stafford girls are often seen cheering on their dad at games, sporting Rams jerseys and proudly chanting his name.

Kelly regularly shares adorable photos and stories of their adventures on social media, showcasing their close bond and playful banter. They are clearly Matthew’s biggest fans and a source of great joy for the entire family.



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