April 22, 2024


Actor Kalybos born Richard Kweku Asante has said that Ghanaians are contributing to the current hardship in the country.

He acknowledges that times are difficult globally but was quick to add that in Ghana, business owners are making life a living hell for citizens.

Kalybos was speaking on Accra-based TV3 when he made this known.

He said “Talking about the economy now, it’s crazy how things are going. This is not the Ghana we know. This is not the happy living citizens, you wake up, go to work and you get something in your pocket, but now the inflation…

It is general but what makes it worse is that something is general and yours is like on top. Ours is just out of the bloom. The citizens in it is not helping with that. We all know there is hardship and inflation is crazy but how can normal citizens be complaining about this and be aiding to make the economy hard”.

He cited an example of a drink he used to buy for GHc15, which had skyrocketed to $35 within a short space.

To him ” we are also not helping the economy much with our individual personal selfish gains”.



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