April 22, 2024


Manchester United’s appointment of Omar Berrarda as Chief Executive Officer sent shock waves to the Premier League World on Saturday.

Until his appointment, Berrarda was the chief football operations officer for the City Football Group, which owns Manchester City, and other clubs including Girona and New York City FC.

But what else is there to know about Berrarda?

Cosmopolitan education

Omar Berrarda was born in Paris to Moroccan parents.

He went through the American school system.

However, Berrarda dropped out of a Massachusetts engineering college to study at the EU Business School.

Berrarda lived in Barcelona for the three-year course. He remained in the city after the course, staying there for a decade and a half before leaving.

While in Barcelona, the Moroccan worked at Honda and internet provider Tiscali.

Foray into football

From humble beginnings, Berrarda has worked his way to the top

In 2004, he was appointed as Barcelona’s head of sponsorship.

He would remain in this position until August 2011 when he joined the City Football Group.

City challenge

Omar Berrarda first joined City as head of international business development.

With success came more responsibility and Berrarda accepted each challenge.

Omar during his time at City

First, he was as appointed as director of partnership sales and group commercial director.

In September 2016, Berrarda became the Chief Operating Officer at Manchester City.

Four years later, he was again promoted, this time, as the Chief Operating Officer for the entire City Football Group.

Berrada’s responsibility was to oversee talent management, performance services and football intelligence for Manchester City, Palermo, Girona, Melbourne City and all football clubs under the ownership of the City Group.



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