April 22, 2024


Elle King’s parents might as well be a blues riff – a soulful blend of Hollywood glitz and Midwestern grit. 

Dad, Rob Schneider, the “Saturday Night Live” comedian, represents the showbiz spotlight, a world Elle initially rejected, choosing her mother’s surname as a shield. 

Mom, London King, the former model, paints a different picture – quiet resilience rooted in Ohio cornfields, where Elle spent most of her childhood.

Their divorce when Elle was a baby cast a long shadow. Dad’s visits were infrequent, leaving a void filled by her stepfather, Justin, who instilled in Elle a love for hard rock and nurtured her musical dreams. The early years were marked by a longing for the absent father, a tension echoing in Elle’s rebellious spirit.

As Elle carved her own path in music, a raw authenticity emerged, influenced by both sides of her lineage. The bluesy growl in her voice hints at both the showbiz swagger and the Midwestern grit. Rob, now a proud cheerleader, sees himself reflected in her fiery independence. London, her unwavering rock, celebrates her daughter’s success with quiet pride.

Their relationship, though complex, has evolved. Elle, once wary of the Hollywood limelight, now shares the stage with her father, a poignant duet of reconciliation. London remains a steady presence, grounding Elle’s rockstar persona with maternal love.

Elle King’s story is a testament to the enduring influence of parents, even in unconventional constellations. While their paths diverged early, their echoes resonate in her music and spirit, a poignant reminder that even the boldest rockstars yearn for the warmth of family, however unconventional it may be.



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