April 24, 2024


Ghanaian rapper and songwriter, Kwame Yogot has responded to why his social media handles seem to churn out negativity nowadays

The ‘Biibi Besi’ hitmaker, has disclosed that some people have hacked his Facebook account to use it in order to court disaffection among his fans and disgrace him.

He revealed during an interview on Cape Coast-based Property FM that mostly he always deletes posts that seem to tarnish his brand on his Facebook account.

He posited “It’s a whole lot happening that’s why I’m angry today and I want to talk because some people want to worry me but they don’t know who they’re dealing with.

“You might think that you are dealing with just one person and so you’ll hack my account and use it to court disaffection and disgrace me,” he revealed

He fumed “But you need to know that what you are doing you’ll definitely pay for it and so that’s why whenever I see such a post on my social media handles I always delete it”.



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