April 22, 2024


Social media this week has been awashed with reports of customers of Vodafone Ghana complaining about multiple registration using their Ghana Card without their knowledge. 

A social media user Qudirat Ishak narrated how her identity has been used to register numerous Vodafone SIM Cards without her knowledge. 

After several follow ups the issue remain unresolved as more numbers were either added to her identity or replaced with new strange numbers. 

“I am honestly exhausted and i really need Vodafone Ghana and National Communications Authority Ghana to solve this issue for me once and for all.” She wrote. 

Read the Vodafone Customer’s experience below :

On 1st May 2023, i dialed *402# to check the numbers that had been registered with my Ghana card details as announced by the National Communications Authority Ghana(NCA). I have only one (1) Vodafone number. However, I realized that four(4) strange Vodafone Ghana numbers had been registered with my Ghana card details (0209020610, 0209020694, 0209020500 and 0204834860). The first 3 numbers appear to be quite similar and only have their last 3 digits being different (the first 3 numbers all start with “0209020…”

I immediately went to the Vodafone Retail Shop at Junction Mall where i did the Ghana card registration of my Vodafone number to have the issue resolved. After i made a complaint, i was told to go home, that the numbers will be removed within 24hours.

After 24 hours, i dialed *402# and the same numbers were still linked to my Ghana card. I made complains to Vodafone Ghana via WhatsApp and email to follow up on the issue. The reps on both the Vodafone Ghana WhatsApp and email told me to go back to the Vodafone retail office. That, that was the only place the issue could be resolved. I had to go the the Junction mall Retail office about 3 or 4 times before those strange numbers were finally deleted on 17th May 2023. It took so many visits because sometimes, they would delete the numbers and the next day some or all of them would be back on the list when i dial *402#. I checked again on 25th May, 2023 and no new or strange numbers were on the list so I thought the issue was fully resolved.

Today, 21st January 2024, I just randomly decided to dial *402# to check the numbers registered with my Ghana card details hoping it will just be my actual telephone numbers. However, to my surprise, six (6) new strange Vodafone numbers have been once again registered with my Ghana card details. The numbers are; 0203968525, 0203968531, 0203968571, 0203968590, 0203968599 and 0203968599, A keen look at the numbers show that they are all similar and the only difference amongst the numbers is the last two digits, they all start with “02039685…”.

I definitely want these numbers delinked from my Ghana card details immediately. However, i want more to be done to stop the illegal use of my Ghana card details to register sim cards without my consent. I have used my Ghana card to register sim cards of other networks too but i have never encountered this problem with them. It’s only Vodafone. Why is it so easy for people to use other people’s Ghana card details to registered sim cards? i thought we were told that, linking the Ghana cards to our telephone numbers would rather provide more security so what is going on? Is there no vereification process? How are they able to use my Ghana card to register a sim card for another person without me being present to use my fingerprints? Does that mean there is no fingerprint verification? National Communications Authority Ghana Vodafone Ghana

Additionally, the similarity in the numbers could suggest that they were registered by the same vendor or personnel who does sim registrations. I even suspect it could be the same person who registered my Vodafone sim with my Ghana card details at the Junction mall Vodafone retail shop though i don’t know her name. This person should be traced or fished out to address this problem permanently.



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