April 22, 2024


A businesswoman and sister of Assin Central Lawmaker, Kennedy Ayapong has gone to the rescue of an 8-year-old girl who was accused of witchcraft and thrown out of her home.

Ms. Betty Agyapong’s intervention has seen a transformation in the life of the little girl who has now been enrolled into n a boarding school at Assin Fosu.

According to Ms. Agyapong, the little girl has been sleeping around her Hollywood Lexus Suite hotel in Assin Foso for almost four years feeding on leftover foods from restaurants.

She said all attempts to get her off the place by her workers did not yield any positive results until she inquired from the people around the area what was wrong with her.

 The philanthropist revealed she was informed that the little girl had been on the street since the age of four after being accused of witchcraft by her relatives and some community members.

The little girl who is now eight years old suffered abuse, discrimination, and maltreatment due to the unusual behaviour she displayed.

“This little girl has been a victim of several waves of abuses as a result of her inability to enroll in school or find a proper place of abode,” she said.

Touched by her story, Ms. Agyapong, decided to enroll her at one of the best boarding schools in Assin Foso and also pledged to sponsor her education through a fully funded scholarship till she completes University

“When I heard her story, I saw myself in her. I was also on the street as a young girl because of my unusual behaviour. People called me a witch because I was the difficult nut to crack, but it was all because I was from a background that was not well-to-do,” she disclosed

Ms. Betty Agyapong further called on Ghanaians to desist from abusing children accused of witchcraft and look for ways to rehabilitate them since their street life can make them behave in a way that could be attributed to witchcraft.

She finally advised all well-meaning Ghanaians to open a conversation to deal with children accused of witchcraft to help get them off the streets.



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