April 24, 2024


Allegations of partisanship and whom-you-know and who-knows-you has resurfaced once again in the military following some promotions that insiders say is due to anything but competence or rank.

This is after it emerged that a brother of current deputy Attorney-General who is of a lower rank was promoted over and above his seniors at the 4th Battalion of Infantry since May 2023.

That particular appointment reportedly added to the controversies surrounding the tenure of Maj. General Oppong-Peprah as Chief of Army Staff (COAS).

Major Sarfo Dappah, the younger brother of Deputy Attorney General, Diana Asonaba Dappah assumed the role of commanding officer at the 4th Battalion of Infantry.

Sources say Ghana Army has over 90 Infantry Lieutenant Colonels who should ideally be commanding Officers but the powers that be opted for Major Dappah for the commanding officer position in Kumasi.

Critics argue that this novel decision may be influenced by Major Dappah’s family background, as his father was a founding member of the New Patriotic Party (NPP).

Sources suggest that, Major Dappah’s swift rise to such a prominent role against military convention, may not solely be attributed to his military prowess, but also political connections.

The Deputy Attorney General, Diana Asonaba Dappah, being the sister of Major Dappah, adds a layer to the intricacies surrounding this appointment.



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