April 24, 2024


In Tillamook, Oregon, Derrick Josi is a fourth-generation farmer who works alongside Wilsonview Dairy.

Derrick, a well-known dairy industry member, blogs about farming on Facebook and Instagram under the handle TDF Honest Farming.

He actively participates in the industry, expressing his admiration for the dairy community’s continuous innovation, driven by a passion for agriculture.

As a writer, he contributed to conversations regarding the agriculture industry with his work “An Industry Worth Fighting For.”

Derrick Josi Brother
Derrick Josi Brother

Derrick Josi Brother

Derrick Josi recently shared an Instagram photo celebrating his late brother’s first birthday in heaven, giving insight into his deep sorrow and unwavering love for his gone sibling.

Even though Derrick’s brother’s death’s precise cause is still unknown, the message’s emotional impact suggests how great the loss was.

The enigma surrounding his brother’s death is increased by the lack of specifics, forcing friends, family, and admirers to reconcile the heartfelt remembrance with the inexplicable tragedy.

The amount of support demonstrated how strong the relationships were among the farming and internet communities.

Praying and offering consoling words, friends and well-wishers acknowledged the challenge of going through the “firsts” without a loved one.

How people show empathy for one another shows how social media can connect people and create a virtual community for grieving and support.

When someone dies, it can be especially difficult for the surviving family members to cope emotionally when the reason of death is unclear.

The unresolved concerns surrounding the incident could add to confusion and make accepting the tragedy’s reality a difficult task.

Derrick’s social media sorrow sharing creates a sense of camaraderie and empathy for people going through similar struggles.



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