April 24, 2024


NPP Parliamentary Candidate for Weija-Gbawe, Jerry Ahmed Shaib has divulged how he managed to beat the Deputy Health Minister, Tina Mensah in the just-ended NPP Primaries.

Jerry Ahmed Shaib who was described as an outsider by Tina Mensah secured a significant victory with 786 votes, representing 68.53%, while Tina Mensah garnered only 361 votes, representing 31.47%.

Speaking to Citi TV in an interview, Jerry Ahmed Shaib who is the Chief Executive of the Coastal Development Authority said he followed a divine direction from God after he prayed to his maker.

“I stayed true to consistently talking to God for directions and that worked. Second was teamwork. I had a very solid team. They came on board with pieces of advice as to how to tread so instead of…Sammy will tell you I had to run away from a few interviews because I felt that I was dealing with about 1,200 people and if you’re dealing with 1,200 people just like I went into Ghana Olympics committee elections and I won.

They were about 200 there won’t be the need to do more radio when you know that you should get to know the people more, understand their problems, appreciate it and see how best you can help them to resolve it. Understand the constituency better and then be very much aware of the fact that it’s an all-inclusive thing. I kept saying it’s all love and a little bit of money. When you are sure that what they are looking for is attention you can give them the attention and you can also help them surmount some problems in their lives it’s better and most importantly you show them respect and show them servant leadership,” he said on Citi TV.



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