April 22, 2024


Vice President of IMANI Africa has insinuated the Finance Minister is more powerful than Vice President Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia leading to an ineffective implementation of the Economic Management Team’s proposal. 

In a social media platform post, Kofi Bentil said Dr. Bawumia as President will do excellent because currently he doesn’t wield real power. 

The lawyer urged Ghanaians to give Bawumia a chance as they gave John Mahama. 

“Every man deserves a fair hearing. We gave Prez Mahama a chance to be President, the least we can do is give Dr Bawumia a fair and objective hearing. He is not President, and has never been President! I have no doubt he will be better!” 

Read the rest of his post below:

The VP position in Ghana, apart from standing in when the president is away (and he can’t make any serious decisions), it is totally powerless! he is like an advisor!

There’s a good reason Kwame Nkrumah refused to have a Vice President!

Indeed the Minister of finance has more constitutional power than the VP in managing our finances and the EMT has zero power to effect its decisions. They advise the President who acts through his ministers!!!

I trust VP Bawumia. Because he has been the best VP ever.

Even under trying circumstances he has shown himself not corrupt and indeed has been effective in delivering some crucial transformations.

I am entitled like everyone to my belief and choice and I believe he is a better choice.

All the rest of us need to do, is give the man a fair hearing.

Of course you’re entitled to your choice but you cheat yourself if you close your ears.



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