April 22, 2024

Recounting the hurdles and tough mandate of handling one of the biggest showbiz programs in Ghana, MzGee was caught in an emotional state.

Tears rolled down her cheek, and her voice shook as she narrated the consistent troubles that characterized her one-year period of hosting the controversial United Showbiz.

MzGee, who is in awe of how God has seen her through occupying the ‘hot seat’ for an entire year, even at a point when she thought she couldn’t, gave thanks to God.

“Who am I that is deserving of your grace? who am I? I was not mentioned or counted among important people; but God, it is your grace and mercy that has held me in this chair for the last 365 days and beyond.

“Anytime I sit on this chair, I beseech your presence and announce to you that I am here so take over because I believe that if you ordain, you sustain,” she stated in her first-anniversary opening remarks on the show.

MzGee said she suffered immense trauma to the extent that she dreaded Saturday evenings.

“Every day with its troubles on this show. It’s been one hurdle after the other and I sometimes ask God whether He truly called me to occupy this seat. Honestly, sometimes, whenever Saturday is approaching, I panic. I ask myself whether I am returning to being harassed and embarrassed on TV.

“What crime did I ever commit? But you have held me bit by bit to this point. Even me, I still can’t believe that I am one year old on this seat. If it had not been God who gave me the strength, where would I be?” she added.

Trolls and abuse after taking over from Nana Ama McBrown

MzGee, since assuming her seat as the host for United Showbiz sometime in February 2023, had been labeled incompetent and unfit for the role by some persons.

After MzGee took over from Nana Ama McBrown following the latter’s resignation, many reacted to the development, with scores of people drawing striking comparisons.

Netizens compared MzGee to Nana Ama McBrown and described the former as a terrible show host.

In one of the instances, a fed-up MzGee, took to social media to emphasize that she wouldn’t accept being tagged as anyone’s clone and that she thrives in originality.

Challenges with the ‘Twi’ language and confrontations with guests

MzGee has also had disagreements which eventually led to confrontations with several guests and pundits on the show.

These confrontations saw tons of viewers express dissatisfaction and suggested that MzGee is unfit for the show because the language used is largely Twi and she obviously struggles with it.

In one of the instances where she defended herself from the attacks, MzGee said she took up the UTV job because she was poised to challenge herself.

She said being the host of a Twi speaking program (United Showbiz), despite not being fluent in the language had propelled her to the greatest challenge ever.

“This is the biggest challenge yet. I haven’t done mass market before. There was no reason for me to listen and pay attention to Twi that much so I saw this as a huge challenge. I love challenges so well,” she told Abeiku Santana in an earlier interview.

The anniversary

On February 24, 2024, MzGee celebrated a year of being the host of United Showbiz. Many celebrities who have encountered MzGee, joined her on the show for the commemoration of the anniversary. They included Prophet Kofi Oduro, Rev. Abraham Lamptey, Andy Dosty, Kafui Danku, and Cindy Thompson.

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