April 22, 2024

Users of X have expressed concerns over the decision of the Foreign Affairs Ministry to close its comments section on.

The Ministry today announced that it had made some changes in the pricing for its services.

This changes has affected the price one needs to pay for a passport.

However, after announcing the price adjustment, the administrator for the X page of the Ministry closed the comments section to prevent people from sharing their feedback on the price adjustment.

Some PR experts have expressed concern over the closure of the comments section considering the fact that communication should be a two-way affair.

The Old Fees for Passport was normal going for Ghc 100 for 32 pages and expedited going for Ghc for 32 pages.

The 48 pages was also going for Ghc 150 for normal service and Ghc 200 for expedited service.

With the price adjustment, a Normal service for 32 pages will cost you Ghc 500, and expedited service goes for Ghc 644 while 48 pages will cost Ghc 700 for normal service and Ghc 800 for expedited service.

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