May 27, 2024

The man of the moment, Henry Fitz, has officially spoken for the first time after his intimate video with Serwaa Amihere went rife on social media 4 days ago.

In an exclusive interview with famous Ghanaian TikToker Mr Carlos, Henry Fitz emphatically stated that he’s not the one behind the leak of the now infamous video.

Going on, Henry Fitz also asserted that he has over 20 ‘intimate’ videos with the award-winning TV presenter.

As explained by Henry, in some of the over 20 videos, Serwaa Amihere willingly recorded herself and later sent them to him.

The others were also made on a mutual agreement therefore there’s no way he will leak them on social media just to chase clout or blackmail her as she wants Ghanaians to believe.

Pained Henry Fitz also added that he would never leak a video of such kind because he has 7 kids and he wouldn’t be happy if they grow up to see such content of him on social media.

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