Easiest Way To Link Your Sim Card To Your Ghana Card.


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Ghana Card is a national identity card that the Ghanaian government issues to its residents.

This will act as proof of identification as well as recognition as a Ghanaian citizen.

Individuals may now link their Ghana card to their NHIS card, TIN number, SIM card, SSNIT, and a variety of other information.

I’ll show you how to link your SIM card to your Ghana Card in this article.

The technique is really simple, and you will have no problems along the way.

The Ministry of Communication had previously said that telecoms networks will be allowed to register all mobile SIM cards.

This procedure was supposed to take six months. It started on October 1, 2021, and ended in March 2022.

This initiative, according to the minister, will aid in the prevention of illegal activity and the facilitation of E-learning.

Sim boxing, Momo fraud, and other criminal behaviors are examples.

With your Ghana card, you may register up to 10 SIM cards from any network.

Only Ghanaian nationals are eligible.

All SIM cards that have not been registered by the due date will be deactivated.

As a result, linking your SIM card to your Ghana card is a necessary for every Ghanaian.

Follow these simple steps

  • Dial the short code *404# on your mobile phone
  • Choose option 1 (register)
  • Enter the ID number on your Ghana Card
  • Re-enter the pin to confirm.
  • Type your Surname
  • Type your First Name(s)
  • Enter your date of birth (Format: DDMMYYY)
  • Select your sex
  • Confirm your details
  • Submit the details provided after you’ve confirmed it.

After ensuring that there was no error in the procedure, submit the information you gave above.

After you’ve submitted your information, you’ll be issued a unique code.

To finish the registration procedure, take the unique code to any service provider.

The second stage of the registration procedure is the capture of your fingerprints and passport for bio data.

It would be completed when you arrived to the service provider’s office.

Boom! You’ve completed the process of attaching your SIM card to your Ghana Card.

You have nothing to be concerned about.

If your registration is unsuccessful, you will have three chances to answer the security question.

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