Please give me kitchen leftovers – TT begs; blames Bawumia for ‘sacking’ helpers away


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Psalm Adjeteyfio of Taxi Driver fame is again in the news for begging for alms despite all the donations from his previous appeal. The veteran actor is heard in a leaked audio pleading with one ‘MzGee’ for scraps from her kitchen.

Ghanaians have been bamboozled by an audio purported to carrying the voice of TT as he returns to seek alms to feed himself. Information gathered from the audio suggested that he (TT) blames the vice president of Ghana for his current predicament.



According to TT of Taxi Driver fame, people withdrew their support when they heard that the vice president had donated money to his cause.

“MzGee good afternoon. I am wondering if you would have some leftovers in your kitchen to spare. The reason is, you know, people who used to help me have all withdrawn their help when they heard that the vice president had given me the money.

“Right now, the situation has created a lot of problems for me because a lot of people used to help me a lot. I even understood that some people had contributed some money in the US to be sent to me. The moment they heard it, everybody went for his money.”

TT also disclosed that all the monies he previously received have been invested and are yet to yield profits that he can enjoy.



“But you would agree with me that such monies, you need to invest wisely. And that is what I have done. When you make investments too, it will take time before you begin enjoying it.”

Below is a transcript of the audio:

Now, I was so hopeful that what the Greater Accra minister promised will be forthcoming regularly. But it came once, and that’s all. I was in his office a few days ago, as a follow-up, but I was told he’s traveled and they are on leave.

Also, in the letter that the Greater Accra regional minister sent to me, there was the mention of McDan that he had given me Ghc5,000, but it’s not true. Recently, I contacted one Ga chief, who is close to the man. And he made me understand that the man actually released the money. But when he heard that the vice president had given me money, he also recalled his money back. So this is the trend.

Right now, it’s a bit difficult for me. So that is why I am saying if you have some leftovers in your kitchen and you could spare them because as it is now, it is really difficult for me.

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