Telco’s committed to March deadline for sim registration exercise – Dr. Ken Ashigbey


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With a little over 3 months to the end of the ongoing SIM registration exercise, the CEO of the Ghana Chamber of Telecommunications Ing. Dr. Kenneth Ashigbey says his members are committed to helping government achieve its ambitious target of registering all SIM cards by the end of March 2022.



According to the government, the registration which began in October 2021 is aimed at riding the country’s cyberspace of fraudsters and also to monitor and track down persons who use their phones for criminal activities among others.



Speaking on the ongoing registration exercise Dr. Ashigbey noted that if done right the SIM registration exercise will curb some of the issues in the telecoms sector.

Telco’s committed to March deadline for sim registration exercise – Dr. Ken Ashigbey 1

“If you look at the history around SIM registration and the deadlines that have been put out in various markets, you realize that the deadline keeps rolling. But because of the engagements that happen between the various stakeholders in Ghana, there’s a lot of conversations that are going on to ensure this exercise succeeds. It is very important that we get this registration done right.”



“There are currently conversations around the E-Levy and multiple taxing, for example, some of these will be resolved if the SIM registration is successful and helps in bringing in a lot of the untaxed into the fold. The March deadline is very ambitious but as an industry, we will work with government to achieve the target,” he added.




SIM re-registration steps

Dial the shortcode *404#

Enter Ghana Card Pin ( Note: Enter letters and figures without hyphens)

Confirm Ghana Card Pin

Enter Surname

Enter First Name(s)

Enter Date of Birth (Format: DDMMYYYY)

Select Sex

Confirm Details

Submit Details Provided After Confirmation


1, If successful, you will get a confirmation message with a unique code

2, If unsuccessful due to wrong details, you have 3 attempts to answer security questions

A second stage of the registration process requires that users visit the office of their telecom service providers.

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