The reason why Strongman and Sister Derby gleefully jumped on “Force them to play nonsense”


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The Ghanaian best female rapper Ruth Eno Adjoa Amankwah Nyame Adom, popularly known as Eno Barony clashed with Medikal of AMG (Arab Money Gang).As to how the beef came about is what has remained folded to most of us.But information reaching our camp is that,This comes after she supposedly dissed him in her song for writing Sister Afia’s rap in ‘WMT’ – the song which began the feud between Eno Barony, Sista Afia and Freda Rhymz.The young AMG rapper however is surprised at Eno for dissing him of a feud he had no hands in.

Medikal stated that four years ago, Eno linked up for a feature and he actually gave her a free verse and was also present for the shooting of the visuals of it without charging her a pesewa.Medikal was disappointed and said that “this is why some people don’t do good” because he felt that the good he once did has been repaid with evil today.He continued to say that even though Eno has disrespected him, there’s no way he is going to waste his time to record a song to diss a female rapper. Kind of teasing her with the saying “especially when the person looks like corpse.Issa dead thing”.

With disgust, Eno decided to record another diss song “Force Them To Play Nonsense” featuring Strongman of former record label named Sarkcess Music and Sister Derby who is also known as African mermaid. Why did Eno featured these artists?. She found out that they are the best weapons to use against Medikal in order for him to change his mind set of not responding to a female rapper’s diss.And also people hailed Strongman the winner of the Medikal/Strongman beef which became the talk of gh last year. So this she thought would pull Medikal‘s nerves to come back at Strongman. Sister Derby on the other hand being the ex-girlfriend of Medikal involved in this issue will ginger him to open his mouth but the AMG rapper never made a sound.

Strongman and Sister Derby were glad to be featured on “Force Them To Play Nonsense” because they found it an opportunity to be heard of in the industry once again. After Strongman’s previous beef with Medikal had gone down, his recognition in the Ghana Music Industry and beyond has grown big. He boldly said in an audio that when it comes to rap the AMG rapper can not stand him but admitted that Medikal has a lot of hits than he does. It’s obvious that Strongman will want to beef Medikal again even though he reacted to the rumors reaching him that his rap verse on “Force Them To Play Nonsense” is a diss to Medikal. Sister Derby has also realized she is loosing fame because she used to be very popular when she was dating the young rich AMG rapper Medikal. This made her found it ideal to engage in dissing her ex-boyfriend.

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