Now Twitter Spaces can finally be recorded


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SAN FRANCISCO – Twitter is continuing to develop its audio services. The social network is increasingly highlighting its Spaces feature, which offers 100 per cent audio rooms.




From now on, users can listen to discussions even after they have been broadcast live. It functions as a kind of replay available on Twitter, not unlike a podcast.

Missed a discussion on Twitter Spaces? Not a problem. The social network has set up its own system of replays. As of now, users can listen to Spaces chats for 30 days after they’ve aired.



Users can choose to record their chat, giving users the option to listen to the chats again later. This feature is available for iOS and Android users, Twitter has revealed.

Back in December 2021, Twitter had already enabled a handful of users to record their Spaces session on the iOS app, Android app and the web.





With the rise of audio on social networks, the platform has continued to refine its new tool, including a special tab within the app.


Monetization of the new tool has also been one of Twitter’s objectives, as it has deployed “Ticketed Spaces,” audio lounges that require paid entry.




With the introduction of 30-day replays, Twitter is going all in on its strategy of boosting audio content on its platform and approaching the world of podcasts.

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